Company Overview

SETECH delivers solutions to optimize total cost of ownership through process driven best practices supporting sourcing, inventory planning, storeroom management, and reliability centered technical services. Through 30 years of continuous improvement for our clients, SETECH has improved asset efficiency and reliability, increased revenue capacity, reduced capital requirements and increased shareholder value.

Company History

SETECH began operations in 1982 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as a manufacturer of automation equipment and aircraft components and then medical implants and surgical hand tools. Building this business required strong engineering and manufacturing competence, and given the criticality of final product use and federal agency inspection requirements, we also had to be extremely process driven in all aspects of our business. Also, early on, we determined a strategy and the necessary processes to outsource manufacturing that we considered non-core, retaining in-house those manufacturing processes that were of highest complexity and greatest strategic value.

From these important competencies, SETECH began its third party indirect material management operations in 1988 at the original SATURN facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The SETECH program provided service elements developed specifically for the challenging commodity group of Blue Print Tooling and OEM Spares, where we continued to manage this program for over 20 years. Our heritage as a design/engineer and manufacturer of highly specialized production and replacement parts has allowed SETECH to effectively manage the complexities of specialized, critical replacement components for our clients, where Blue Print Tooling and OEM Spares capabilities remains an important element of SETECH’s existing programs today.

In 2016, SETECH launched a new business unit to support the needs of clients looking to accelerate the success of their reliability programs by outsourcing predictive maintenance activities. With proven technology and certified technicians, SETECH RaaS improves equipment availability by detecting failures early enough to locate spare parts in the supply chain and plan repairs with minimal impact to plant output.

While remaining headquartered in Tennessee, our operations have been in place in the US, Mexico, China, India, and Europe providing full Indirect Material Management services.

Who we are.

John Ray

President, Partner
Indirect Supply Chain & Outsourcing

William (Bill) C. Shriver

President, Partner
Direct Supply Chain & Shared Services

Thomas N. Eisenman

Chairman Emeritus, Partner

Mike Salyers

Vice President of Operations

Tony Branecky

Senior Advisor