Management Team Bios

John Ray

President, Partner
Indirect Supply Chain & Outsourcing

Mr. Ray has 28 years of international management experience, consisting of complex business development and operational responsibilities, with a core expertise in supply chain management.

Joining SETECH in 2003, John's role progressed to include Director Sales & Marketing, EVP Operations, President, and Partner. John’s leadership includes activities throughout the United States, Europe, China, Mexico, Singapore, and India.

In 2015, John strategically launched Exponential Noncore Solutions (ENS), a boutique supply chain management and executive consulting practice, where he served as CEO, Managing Partner, with a primary focus on private equity, mergers, and C-level coaching. John supported an integration project for a multi billion dollar acquisition.

Prior to launching ENS, John served as CEO, Managing Partner of Non-Core Business Solutions, a specialized outsourcing service firm, employing over 500 employees primarily in the energy and industrial sectors.

Before transitioning into business ownership positions, John worked for two Fortune 100 firms, with a combined revenue of $13b, as he lead various global industrial distribution, consulting, and outsourcing offerings, servicing every major vertical. John's largest project included leading a cost reduction project in 52 client locations, with $55b in revenue, by driving out $750m in cost; creating 10x in associated equity.

John most recently attended Harvard University and Duke University professional development programs and holds various Executive and Master Level Vocational and Professional Certifications. John is an avid life-learner and has proven to be a thought leader and effective instructor in multiple disciplines for over 25 years.

John has served various private and nonprofit organizations, as an influential board of director and enjoys speaking and presenting as a Keynote.

John is a multidimensional executive with a desire to serve others and the gift of connecting and creating creditability.

John recently said about partnership connections:

"Many times there is something in the room that everyone can sense, yet, they can't put their finger on it, but they know they want to "lean-in" and partner - this is a gift that cannot be taught and it only comes from sincerely desiring to help others and from mutual vulnerability that builds trust - it is a special moment when each person realizes that the other really cares about them and their needs - this is what makes business worth it - this clarifies purpose, mission, and passion - this must happen with the janitor, as well as the Chairman and it is deeper than words."

William (Bill) C. Shriver

President, Partner
Direct Supply Chain & Shared Services

Bill Shriver is a Senior Partner with SETECH Supply Chain Solutions and a dynamic thought leader, practice innovator and account executive with over 25 years developing and implementing Supply Chain Management solutions specializing in the areas of business and information technology strategy, improvement portfolio development, business process transformation, change management and performance improvement.

He has served clients successfully in the transportation, automotive, consumer products, energy and chemicals markets. His passion remains to continue to prove that domestic manufacturers can compete globally and to make these successful clients famous. He is a former co-founder of Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions, Spectrum Security Solutions and Blue Ridge of the Carolinas, a real estate investment and services firm. Bill is also an alumnus Vice President of Capgemini LLC and Partner with Ernst & Young LLP.

While serving those management consulting firms, he held leadership positions as the Carolinas Area Leader, the Carolinas Region Leader of the Products Business Unit sector; the Carolinas High Growth Middle Market Segment Leader; and, the US Practice Leader for Global Transportation and Logistics. Bill spent the early part of his career in numerous key leadership positions for General Motors Corporation focused on studying, improving and implementing the Toyota Production System and Theory of Constraints in all facets of the business.

He attended the Northwestern University, J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management Executive Development Program has a Master of Business Administration from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, completed coursework towards a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at State University of New York at Buffalo and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Thomas N. Eisenman

Chairman Emeritus, Partner

Mr. Eisenman is the Chairman Emeritus of SETECH. He founded Southeastern Technologies and SETECH, as well as other private ventures. Mr. Eisenman began his professional career with 10 years in manufacturing with Kennametal, Inc., prior to launching his own companies. He holds a BS degree from the University of Slippery Rock.

Mike Salyers

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Salyers has been with SETECH since 1998 and has had leadership roles in all facets of SETECH operations during his career. He has managed indirect inventories valued at over $35,000,000 and directed procurement activities that have totaled over $20,000,000 annually. He has directed confirmed cost savings activities that have saved SETECH clients millions of dollars during his tenure.

Prior to his time with SETECH, Mr. Salyers served four years with the US Army Intelligence at various locations throughout the world in support of activities for the National Security Agency. Mr. Salyers' degrees include a Master of Science in Management (MSM) from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science from Ball State University.

Tony Branecky

Senior Advisor

Mr. Branecky has more than 43 years of hands on experience in all dimensions of Manufacturing and Engineering, through consulting, to ongoing operations in fields including petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, polymers, and other heavy industrial manufacturing settings.

Tony’s wealth of international experience includes China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Canada.

Tony’s many key roles, he:

• Served in the position of site selection and preliminary engineering for a $40 million grass roots manufacturing facility in SE US

• Was Project Manager for a $200+ million specialty chemical plant for the Asia Region

• Led continuous implementation of operational cost reductions, achieving fixed cost reductions of >$100 million

• Led a capital project modernization program of $125 million along with other cost reduction initiatives, and

• Headed a $20 million capital modernization of an entire manufacturing site.

• Restructured global Environmental Health & Safety functions, resulting in 40% reduction in service cost.

• Key participant in the operational Due Diligence analysis and determination of synergy potential for a Chemical acquisition totaling over $1 billion and involving 9 operating sites globally.