Consulting Services

SETECH’s Assessment Services

SETECH utilizes proven best practices to assess current state scenarios, which efficiently and accurately identify performance GAP’s within four aspects of operations. (People, Process, Product, and Systems)

SETECH focuses on associated factors that:
• Create Cost
• Allow Value Leakage
• Promote Risk

SETECH’s Lean operational approach identifies & addresses waste in the eight areas:

Out of spec & below standards
Producing too much product – before it is needed – WIP or Finished Goods etc.
Unnecessarily moving product and information – or before it is needed
People, process, product waiting on prior step
Inventory or information sitting idle – not in process
Equipment, people, or information making unnecessary / non-value added movement
Wasted processing time – inspecting, undue tolerances, symptom focus vs root cause
Under utilized resource capabilities, poor delegation of tasks, poor training, mismatch of skills / tasks

SETECH evaluates current state conditions in comparison with best-in-class industry practices by leveraging extensive subject matter expertise and proven assessment toolsets.

Proven assessment and consulting methodologies are utilized to:
• Create Trust
• Allow Collaboration
• Promote Factual Awareness

SETECH consults with clients in all manufacturing excellence capacities (Including):

• Indirect or Direct Materials
• Purchasing Management
• Inventory Optimization
• Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (Design, Improve, Run SIOP Process)
• Six Sigma, DMAIC, Lean Manufacturing Principles
• IDEAS to Execution Continuous Improvement
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness – Manufacturing Productivity
• Cost Reductions
• EHS and Process Safety Management
• Planning & Scheduling
• Skill-Set Assessment and Alignment
• Work Order Management
• Part Availability & Reliability
• Bill of Materials Linkage to Assets
• Kitting
• Spare Parts Management – Low to High Criticality
• Routine to Reactive Plan
• Outside Service Contractors (Evaluation, Accountability, & Balance)
• Spare Part Repairs – Internal & External Solutions
• OEM to Standard Conversion
• Substitutions of Product
• Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) & Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
• Effective Maintenance Reliability

In addition to the assessment of these critical areas, SETECH provides consulting, augmented, and fully outsourced solutions that enhance organizational performance though training, SME development and strategic ERP and MRP system enhancements.

SETECH leads through proper definition of expectations and capabilities, alignment of priorities, determined measurement key performance indicators, and strong individual and enterprise accountability.

The foundational element of program success is a commitment to PROPER PROCESS DISCIPLINE!

Client’s Don’t Need
Here’s Your Plan & Invoice
Good Luck!
Client’s Do Need
Guidance & SME Support
Hands-on Collaboration

Transformation Through
Change Management

Direct Material Lean Planning
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